How Does the Automatic Counting Machine Work in Pharma Industry?

The benefits brought by technological tools are pretty impressive in different industries, and the pharmaceutical industry is not left behind. For instance, the current need for efficiency and development in this industry has stimulated the creation of many advanced machines, and one of the essential ones is the automatic counting machine


The popularity of this automatic counting machine is fueled by the fact that it easily conforms to the needs of many other industries, lowering general operation costs while increasing efficiency. When set to full potential, this machine can also increase productivity. Therefore, if you are looking for such a useful machine, you have come to the right site. This article will discuss everything about automatic counting machines and recommend the best for you.


What Is an Automatic Counting Machine?

An automatic counting machine is a unique assistant if you work in an industry that involves tremendous counting products. For instance, the automatic counting machine is designed to count and package a lot of tallying of tablets, medicine bottles, capsules, and so much more. Instead of manually counting the items, this automatic counting machine takes up the role automatically. Therefore, the user has the freedom to perform other duties while the tablet counting machine records the productions. 


Moreover, the automatic counting machine can be used in various industries for various applications. With such a useful machine, people are sure of reduced labor costs, increased accuracy, and more production.


How Does an Automatic Counting Machine work?

The tablet counting and filling machine principle is relatively straightforward. Users don’t need to spend much time understanding it. So let’s explain this using Pharmapack’s LFM-24 as an example to deepen your impression.


üMajor Components

Before exploring the working principle of the automatic counting machine, let’s first know the main components of this machine: 

1. A hopper: it is the place to hold tablets, capsules, and other medicines, which are ready to enter the next stage.

2. Vibration plates: This plate vibrates at a certain frequency, pushing the medicine to move through channels to the next component. 

3. Detection tunnels: As the name suggests, several infrared dynamic scanning sensors are set in different parts inside these tunnels, which can detect each product as it passes through.

4. Microprocessors: The detectors are connected to microprocessors that calculate how many products tablets must go through the detection tunnels.

5. Filling nozzles: This is where the tablets are filled into bottles or whatever containers people have set in place.


üWorking Principle

After clarifying the essential components of a tablet counting and filling machine, especially for LFM-24, let’s dive into the main working principle: 


The user can load tablets or pills into the hopper manually or automatically. And the pills flow into two sets of three-level vibrating plates. At this point, users can adjust the vibration frequency to allow more accuracy and efficiency. Moreover, the plates have 24 tunnels, through which the tablets pass into another section with 24 optic detection tunnels.


Moreover, tunnels are the sensors and control systems where the tablets are counted automatically and moved to the nozzle gate. Once the tablets reach a bottle dosage, the tunnel gate closes, and the door to the bottle filler is opened, where a bottle will be set ready to receive them. Once the bottle is full, the nozzle gate will close as the tunnel gate opens to let in the next dosage of tablets. At the same time, a driving cylinder will be moving the filled bottle away and bringing in another.


Benefits of the Pharmapack Automatic Counting Machine

Automatic counting machines bring numerous benefits to users, and the tablet counting machine from Pharmapack offers unreachable merits in many ways. For these reasons, our automatic counting machine has received the highest rating across the industry. Here are some of them:


1. Highly Accurate Detect and Reject Systems

Through an automated system, the LFM-24 automatic counting machine rejects defective tablets while counting the right ones in bulk, which would take ages for anyone to do manually. In addition, the automatic counting machine achieves the highest precision and fast counting capability.


2. Reliable Components

Our automatic counting machine comes with the most reliable components, ensuring a smoother user experience and a longer time to use. The unforeseen situations where the machine is broken will not affect the timeline and profits of medicines.


3. Lower Operating Costs

Imagine how much it would cost to hire people to count tablets in a pharmaceutical company. Using the LFM-24 modular means eliminating all those costs. The machine works automatically, from setting the tablets into the hopper to filling the bottles, thereby lowering operating costs. Besides, reliable components of the automatic counting machine mean fewer maintenance costs.


4. Pleasant User Experience

The LFM-24 counter comes with various options to suit different user needs. For instance, each unit is designed based on modularization, with each module operating independently and will never be interrupted by each other.


Another feature that improves user experience on this counter is the servo control system, which contains get big and small hoppers that can provide faster, higher precision, and a long working life. Simultaneously, users can remove the hoppers and clean them easily for proper maintenance.


Why Pharmapack Is Your Best Automatic Counter Brand

Pharmapack is always dedicated to innovating and providing the latest technology of automatic counting machines to satisfy users’ specific needs. The LFM-24 and the LFM-16C are among the counters that have received the greatest positive reviews from users.


We have been operating for over 20 years by focusing on discovering new and better ways of supporting different industries through top-notch technological advancements. Our automatic counting machines feature high-end materials that are reliable and durable. This is coupled with sophisticated technologies that are sure to meet your needs.


Pharmapack is always striving to create something better for the market. For instance, there are major improvements from the LFM-08 Modular counter to the LFM-24. The latest module has increased drug size detection from 13mm to 20mm to accommodate the largest particles and meet the ever-rising needs of this market.


If you want to know more about Pharmapack, call us immediately, and we will be happy to help you.




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