Top 3 Must-Knows to Decode Automatic Capping Machines

Product integrity, contamination control, and sterility depend on premium pharmaceutical, healthcare, and food sealing. So, the automatic capping machine is critical. This machine's torque accuracy ensures airtight sealing without damaging the container. Its versatility in cap sizes and materials speeds production while meeting safety and quality requirements.

Precision, adaptability, and compliance render the automatic capping machine vital for these industries' highest sealing criteria. Fully understanding its significance, this article will help you decode this machine by giving information to the top 3 must-knows.


Top 3 Must-Knows To Decode Automatic Capping Machines

1. What an Automatic Capping Machine is

The first thing we should figure out is the definition. An automatic capping machine alludes to a device to apply caps to containers for reliability in packaging processes. Common types include screw cappers for threaded caps, snap cappers for snap-on lids, and ROPP cappers for tamper-evident closure.

For instance, in Pharmapack, we have multiple solutions for screw-on caps or lids, including the linear capping machine and the rotary capping machine. They can handle caps from 20mm to 60mm, utilizing segments like a stair lifting belt or a turntable for efficient cap transporting and sorting. Here, options with an efficiency of up to 350 BPM are available.


2. How an Automatic Capping Machine Works

In operation, an automatic capping machine incorporates many components. Firstly, the conveyor system transports containers into the capping area. Subsequently, the cap feeder aligns and delivers caps to the containers. Remember, torque adjustment mechanisms confirm the right tightness without harming the caps. Furthermore, machines may include sensors for cap presence and orientation and a clamping system to hold containers steady during capping. The precision mechanics and control systems enable effective capping across container types and sizes.


3. How to Choose a Satisfactory Automatic Machine

The final thing to have a good command of this machine is to know how to choose a prominent one tailored to your needs. Below are a few facets you should take note of.


lSpeed and Throughput:

For production efficiency, evaluate the machine's maximum capping speed. It is measured in caps per minute or bottles per minute. High-speed capping machines can handle up to 400 CPM for large-scale operations. Slower machines fit small-scale productions with a limited budget.

Assess whether the machine can maintain consistent speed under fluctuating conditions and its impact on overall equipment effectiveness. Besides, consider the speed adjustment range. It guarantees adaptability to different production rates and evades bottlenecks in the production line.


lCap Compatibility:

Regarding cap compatibility, focus on the machine's adaptability to cap sizes and types, including screw caps, snap caps, or child-resistant caps. A machine with interchangeable capping chucks or universal cap handling components offers tractability for future packaging changes.

For instance, a spindle capper that could handle caps from 8mm to 110mm in diameter demonstrates heightened flexibility. Analyze the ease of switching between cap types and the machine's precision in taking sporadically shaped or delicate caps. It confirms insignificant stoppage and product waste.



lEase of Integration:

Assess the machine's compatibility with existing production lines, including conveyor speeds and control systems. Contemporary capping machines may feature PLCs with HMI panels for integration and easy control.

Examine the physical footprint and modular design. It can influence the ease of integration into space-constrained settings. Plus, the machine should synchronize with other line equipment, like fillers and labelers, for a harmonious workflow.


lMaintenance and Support:

Last but not least, minimized maintenance and potent support decrease idle time. A machine with self-diagnostic capabilities and real-time monitoring can identify and communicate issues for faster troubleshooting. Look for machines with easy-to-access components and negligible tool requirements for routine upkeep.

The availability of technical support (onsite or remotely) and a parts inventory are essential for quick resolution of issues. Powerful construction machines with stainless steel last longer and need less long-term maintenance.


Pharmapack Capper Highlight: LFCR-1506/2510/4016 Rotary capper (for screw rotary cap)

Completely knowing what businesses need, Pharmapack provides diverse automatic capping machines for specific requirements. And here, we are going to introduce one of our marvelous, the LFCR-1506/2510/4016 Rotary capper (for screw rotary cap).

LFCR-1506/2510/4016 Rotary capper (for screw rotary cap)

This capping machine for bottles is designed for the pharmaceutical, healthcare, and food sectors. It can handle 150/260/400 bottles per minute and adapt to different product sizes. Its versatility is further proven by handling cap sizes from 20 to 60 mm and bottles measured from 20 to 100 mm in diameter.

This energy-efficient 1.7 KW machine is suitable for cylindrical, oval, and rectangular bottles with heights ranging from 45 to 205 mm. Besides, the cap torque can be customized according to customer specifications by adjusting the gap size on the magnetic disc that controls the screw.

With guaranteed dependability and life expectancy, this rotary capper can be easily integrated with other packaging line components like bottle-sizing machines and granulators to streamline the packaging process. Its high performance has won recognition from worldwide clients.



Pharmapack offers cutting-edge pharmaceutical packaging gear. Our experience is evident in our Smart Bottle Packaging Line, which covers from bottle unscramblers to palletizers that meet GMP and FDA requirements. Among them, the automatic capping machine, like the automatic bottle capping machine, is precise, efficient, and compliant with strict regulations.

Our proficiency extends to customization services as well. Here at Pharmapack, we are ready to customize all you need for a complete production line. With over 400 patented innovations and a strong R&D team, we remain at the top of packaging technology while adapting to different industrial demands.

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