LFCL-20FN Inline screw-on capper
LFCL-20FN Inline screw-on capper
Maximum Production Speed:200 bpm (depending on the size of the product being inspected)



Max. speed

200 bpm

Bottle outside diameter


Bottle height

45~200 mm

Cap outside  diameter


Compress air

4-7 bar

Power supply

AC 220V, 50~60  Hz

Air consumption

200 L/min

Measurement ( L×W×H )


2430 mm×900  mm×2600 mm



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Inline Screw-on Capper LFCL-20FN is perfect for pharmaceutical, healthcare and food industries products. It can use a specialized device to screw the messy caps and bottles sent from the unscrambler to the next step at a certain speed.

Applicable products are cylindrical, elliptical cylindrical and rectangular plastic bottles with height between 45~200mm and outer diameter between φ35~φ100mm. Bottles that are too large, too small and not impact resistant (such as glass bottles) are not suitable for this machine.

It can be used with our automatic unscrambler, automatic counter and other filling counting devices, which are usually connected by conveyor.


Manual or automatic product A into the storage B, from B to the cover, the lid of the cover through the falling cover slide d hanging from the front equipment sent to the mouth of the bottle G;The lid is moved forward by the CAP mechanism h after initial straightening, and the swivel cover is completed under the joint action of the swivel cover mechanism J.The bottle k that spins the lid is transported by the conveyor belt to the next process.Among them, hoist, bottle body I, the speed of the swivel cover mechanism J according to the production requirements, the condition of the material adjustment;The channel size of the drop slide d, the clamping mechanism I and the swivel cover mechanism J is adjusted according to the condition of the material, and the operation method refers to the corresponding part in the "Composition and introduction of the equipment" (Y2 is the magnetic moment clutch;Y11,y12 is a torque sensor).

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