LFCL-15F Inline screw-on capper
LFCL-15F Inline screw-on capper
Maximum Production Speed:150 bottles/min (depending on the size of the product being inspected)



Max. output

150 bottles per /min.

Applicable range

Cap dia.: φ15~φ55 mm

Cap height: 10~30 mm

Bottle height: 50~150 mm

Round Bottle dia.: φ25~φ90 mm;

Square Bottle: 25~90 mm

Power supply

AC 220V, 50~60 Hz


1.25 KW

Air pressure


Air consumption

200 L/min, clean air

Measurement ( L×W×H )

Approx. 2160 mm×900 mm×2140 mm


Approx. 750 kg

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The capper LFCL-15F is a reliable, high performance machine, designed in conformance with current and proposed GMPs. Having a small footprint, they are effective in maintaining the integrity of a clean room environment. Few change parts needed for different cap sizes (only the cap slide rail). The machine is designed for maximum efficiency and versatility. It utilizes the latest technology to automatically place and precisely torque a wide spectrum of cap types onto virtually any bottles type.
Working principle
Bulk caps (A) are loaded into the hopper (B) manually or automatically (option), and then lifted and delivered to the inverted cap reject device (E) by the elevator (C). Rejected caps return to the hopper (B) via the recycle chute (D). Accepted caps move along the slide rail (F). At the end of the slide rail (F) the cap is picked off by the conveyed uncapped bottle (G) and adjusted to fit the bottle opening properly by the flexible pressing plate (H). Then the synchronous clamping conveyor (I) holds and carries the bottle, as the caps are screwed tightly by the 3 pairs of screwing wheels (J). Lastly the capped bottles (K) move to the downstream conveyor after being checked by the reject system.

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