Tablets laser engraving machine GLFLP-600
Tablets laser engraving machine GLFLP-600
Maximum Production Speed:Max.stable speed:6000pcs/min(φ6 Round tablets) (depending on the size of the product being inspected)
Shape size



Max.stable speed

6000pcs/min(φ6 Round tablets)

Applicable range

Plain tablet、Coated tablet、Sugar coated tablets

Tablet size

Round tablet:diameter5-12mm,thickness2-8mm(Non-standard customization is available)

Power supply

AC220-240V  50/60Hz

Air pressure、consumption



About 6.0KW

About 2000mm(L)×900mm(W)×2100mm(H)

 Complete machine weight

About 900Kg

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 Technical Advantages

Higher speed

Max.stable speed 6000pcs/minφ6 Round tablets).

2 Integrative control system

1) Using the integrative sport control modules,each transmission module drives with each other to achieve seamless connection, with higher reliability and adjustability.

2) Highly integrated single industrial computer control systemwith higher operability. 

3  Ergonomics design

A Better man-machine design, strong maintainability, complete visual cover design.

B Suspension rocker arm control panel mechanism, more convenient debugging operation.

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