Automatic Leak Detection Machine LFIV-25
Automatic Leak Detection Machine LFIV-25
Maximum Production Speed:Max.stable speed:250 bottle/min (depending on the size of the product being inspected)



Max. speed

250 bottle/min

No. of workstations


Detectable range

10 micron and above air leakage holes

Medicine bottle applicable range


Medicine bottle requirement

Clean and dry surface

Power supply

AC380-400V 50/60 Hz

Air pressure、consumption




Shape size

About 4100mm(L)×2000mm(W)×2100mm(H)

Complete machine weight

About 3500Kg

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 Technical Advantages

Non-contact non-destructive detection method.

Detected by vacuum decay methodThe production and testing process fully comply with the relevant requirements of GMP and ASTM F2338-09.

Faster detection speed

Continuous testing method, maximum stable speed up to 250 bottles/min.

More precise detection accuracy

Detection accuracy can reach10 micron and above air leakage holes.

Novel infeed screw design

According to innovative pitch design of the infeed screw and servo control, can achieve the function of stopping infeed screw separately.

Full servo transmission system

A.The power of each transmission module uses servo motor, which has higher precision, faster speed and less noise.

B. using a servo system with absolute encoderwith lighter and more reliable transmission structure

Integrative control system

A.Using the integrative sport control modules,each transmission module drives with each other to achieve seamless connection, with higher reliability and adjustability.

B.Highly integrated single industrial computer control systemwith higher operability.  

8  Ergonomic design

A. Better man-machine design, strong maintainability, complete visual cover design.

B. Suspension rocker arm type control panel mechanism, more convenient to adjust and operate the machine.

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