Pharmapack at ACHEMA 2024: Leading Pharmaceutical Equipment for You!

The process industry counts on ACHEMA 2024 to exhibit developments and encourage cooperation. And Pharmapack is pleased to display our top pharmaceutical equipment at this acknowledged industrial event. Our rich offerings will demonstrate the leading technologies in the industry, like AI inspection and 360° detection.

They all strengthen pharmaceutical production and packaging speed, precision, and compliance. Looking for more? Check the following sections for details about ACHEMA 2024 and Pharmapack's offerings, which will help with efficient pill counting and sorting, bottle inspection, and more!



Pharmapack at ACHEMA Frankfurt 2024

ACHEMA Frankfurt 2024, a prestigious event in the process industry, is set to take place from June 10 to 14 at the Exhibition Centre Frankfurt, located at Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1, 60327 Frankfurt am Main, Germany. This international gathering will spotlight a plethora of breakthroughs and services across various sectors.

Representatives from over 50 nations will convene to exhibit the latest advancements in chemical, pharmaceutical, and biotech research and production. These manufacturers and service providers will come together to present their cutting-edge solutions and innovations to the global market.

Among the exhibitors, Pharmapack will have a prominent presence in Hall 3.1 at booth J50, where we will showcase some of our top-notch pharmaceutical equipment designed to meet the diverse and sophisticated needs of the industry. Our state-of-the-art offerings are tailored to enhance efficiency, safety, and productivity in pharmaceutical packaging processes.


Pharmaceutical Equipment to Show in ACHEMA Frankfurt 2024

To give you a brief preview, this section will introduce some of our exhibited pharmaceutical packaging equipment.

1. 360 Counting and Sorting Machine (4 in 1)


The 360 Counting and Sorting Machine performs inspection, rejection, counting, and filling in one compact unit. Space is configured, and operating expenses are reduced. It processes pills, tablets, soft and hard capsules, and other solids. The machine rejects substandard items with its detecting technologies for great product standards.

Additionally, optional before and after-weighing systems increase accuracy, product quality, and client fulfillment. The machine is a staple of our pharmaceutical equipment collection, featuring a unique camera detection and rejection system for steady weighing and better precision. Furthermore, deep learning enhances confidence in the system and oversight detection for greater medication compatibility.


2. Monoblock of AI Inspection and Leak Detection


Our Monoblock of AI Inspection and Leak Detection automatically inspects vials, ampoules, eye drops, injections, and oral liquid bottles. The machine uses artificial intelligence visual detection to evaluate product appearance, flaws, and impurities.

Meanwhile, high-pressure leak testing ensures great container sealing examination and product safety. With modern technology, it can recognize and reject defective products. Its broad capabilities render it a popular option among our pharmaceutical equipment.


3. Multi-Infeed Stick Packing Machine (3 in 1)


Our 3 in 1 Stick Packing Machine can handle granules, powders, tablets, and liquids with its servo screw, counting, and liquid pump infeeding system. Its minuscule form saves space and expenses at just 7m³. At the same time, it doesn't compromise efficiency with a maximum production speed of 80 cuts per minute.

Additionally, this stick packing machine boasts adjustable film widths per row from 49 to 180mm, and a variable stick length that spans from 60 to 200mm. A filling accuracy of ≤±5% provides accurate product handling.

The ergonomic design features an industrial control computer with a simple menu for parameter modifications. Multiple safety devices assure stable operation and GMP environmental compliance. It can be said that this pharmaceutical equipment is one of Pharmapack's best packaging solutions that commit to quality and creativity.



Pharmapack is very excited about attending the ACHEMA 2024. As an experienced pharmaceutical packaging equipment manufacturer, we infuse innovation into our products. If you are interested in any of the pharmaceutical equipment we've mentioned before, feel no hesitation to meet us in Hall 3.1 at booth J50. You may also reach out to us to see the latest product catalog!


About Pharmapack

Pharmapack is a leading pharmaceutical equipment manufacturer. Since 2002, we have developed innovative packaging machines for the pharmaceutical, food, and healthcare industries. With 400+ patents, we have a comprehensive product range, including but not limited to smart bottle packaging lines and secondary packaging appliances.

They comply with CE, UL, FDA, and cGMP for top-notch quality and trustworthiness. Additionally, they share other advantages like optimal space utilization and enhanced operation efficiency. For now, they are trusted by 50+ brands from diverse sectors. 

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