Pharmapack Showcases New Inspection Machine and Labeler at Crocus-Expo IEC

Pharmapack Showcases New Inspection Machine and Labeler at Crocus-Expo IEC



Pharmapack, a world-class pharmaceutical packaging machinery company, has introduced its latest product developments at Crocus-Expo IEC, Russia, 22-25 November. The Moscow International Exhibition Center has held one of the world's largest events for the packaging sector, which each year brings together industry leaders and pharmaceutical manufacturers, to explore the latest packaging technologies. At booth B4043, Pharmapack showcased its new lineup of pharmaceutical packaging machines, including a newly developed continuous inspection machine and labelers.





Crocus-Expo IEC

Crocus-Expo is one of the largest exhibition centers in Europe. Each year expositors and industry professionals come from all over the world to visit the 549,000 square meter space of the CROCUS EXPO Center. Overall, the event hosts more than 30 exhibitions, including automotive, building materials, aviation, yachts, furniture, medicine, packaging, luxury goods, tourism, energy, and other industries.


Pharmapack Participation: New Inspection Machine and Labelers Showcase 

On the show, Pharmapack has not showcased the equipment. Instead, the company has introduced its competitive advantages through the presentation of key components, demo videos and product documentation.The event attracted many buyers and agents that stopped at the booth to negotiate potential cooperations.


 Following we share the main equipment presented:


FIM-48 Continuous Inspection Machine

The LFIM-48 is Pharmapack newly developed automated continuous inspection machine. In terms of structural layout, the machinery's electronic control parts are placed on the top, greatly minimizing the space. The operation platform complies with IP55 standards, thus assuring high working efficiency by avoiding spare parts damaged due to liquid leakage. 


In terms of quality control, the electronic control system performs real-time control feedback through the sensors and six cameras in each part to realize full automation. In the presence of foreign matter, inaccurate liquid levels, defective bottle body, and cap, products will be rejected automatically. As a result, Pharmapack`s solution can produce roughly 400 bottles/min while assuring the highest quality standards.


LFLB-1160R Rotary Vertical Round Bottle Labeler 

Completing the line-up on stage, Pharmapack showcased various models of labelers. Among the different solutions, the LFLB-1160R Rotary vertical round bottle labeler is designed specifically for the pharmaceutical, healthcare, and food industries. The labeler is controlled by a servo motor, which enables high-speed and precise packaging of all round containers. Moreover, LFLB-1160R stands out for its adaptability by integrating with a coding system, ample/vial tray packing system, particle inspection machine, and cartoner. 


Ultimately, Pharmapack's automatic inspection and label machines are designed for long-lasting, consistent operation bringing the manufacturer high flexibility during the packaging process.


About Pharmapack

Pharmapack Technologies Corporation was founded in 2002 in Guangzhou. Our company focuses on R&D, manufacturing, sales, packaging, and coding equipment services. In addition, Pharmapack focuses on providing cost-effective equipment and integration for the pharmaceutical, food, and healthcare industries, aiming to become a packaging leader in the packaging machine industry.


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