LFIS-12 Column desiccant input machine
LFIS-12 Column desiccant input machine
Maximum Production Speed:120 pieces/min (depending on the size of the product being inspected)



Max. output 

120 pieces/min 

Canister Desiccant size 

Length: 1550mm Diameter: 830mm 

Power supply 

AC220V 50HZ 


0.5 KW 

Air pressure 

0.50.7 Mpa 

Air consumption 

20L/min, clean air 

Measurement(L×W ×H) 

Approx. 900mm×600mm×1700mm 


Approx. 200kg 

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Canister desiccants are manually loaded into the hopper with elevator and then the elevator transfers them onto a turntable. Via the turntable, the canister desiccant transfers into the tunnel and is held by a grasping device. When a bottle arrives, the grasping device releases a desiccant into the bottle. When bottle orientation time reaches the preset value in the PLC, the pneumatic system automatically changes bottles. This equipment can be fully automatic and is applicable to insertion with more than one desiccant.
The LFIS-12 is a reliable, high performance machine, designed in conformance with current and proposed GMPs. PLC control with Touch Screen Panel allows easy operation, insertion speed up to 120 bottles / min. for high speed applications inthe pharmaceutical industry. The machine is of hygienic design that meets GMP standards. It is easy to operate and adjust. Minimal maintenance and fast size changeover helps to increase productivity

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