ALFVS-4S Servo-controlled Stick Packing Machine 4 Row
ALFVS-4S Servo-controlled Stick Packing Machine 4 Row
Maximum Production Speed:70 cuts/min (depending on the size of the product being inspected)



Max. speed

70 cuts/min (Depend on product characteristics

Row number

4 row

Film width of each row

Width 49-120mm, Total width≤932mm(Design for actual sample)

Stick length

60~160 mm

Filling accuracy

≤±5% (Depend on product characteristics)

Power supply

AC380V 50/60Hz


Approx. 25KW

Air pressure


Air consumption

600 L/min clean air


Approx. 2500mm(W)×2750mm(L)×3700mm(H)


Approx. 3600Kg

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Equipment Introduction

It is an automatic stick packaging machine for tea, coffee, condiment, candy, matcha, milk powder, vitamin, health care products and medical products like pills, tablets, granules, powder, etc.

Working Principle

Put the film on the air shaft of reeling system. → Pull out the film to connect the used film reel. → Film passes through the strainer buffer device. → Laser coding system (option): coding position is adjustable by using hand roller. → Visual inspection system (option): coding position is adjustable by using hand roller. → Vertical row separating → Stick package forming → Vertical sealing → Vertical sealing easy-to-tear notch → Measuring and filling ((measuring cup, screw, counting) → Horizonal sealing → Horizonal sealing easy-to-tear notch → round cutting → weighing for each row.


(1)Precision packaging: High-precision I-Mark remote control and servo drive to ensure precise packaging and lower noise.

(2)The film tension is controlled by EtherCAT bus servo encoder and the unreeling servo motor is driven by PID (with the position adjustment automatically). The strainer can adjust the reeling speed automatically according to the size of film reel so as to ensure stable reeling of the packaging film.

(3)Servo rectification: automatic rectification for film reeling and adjust two sides on the touch screen as per requirements.

(4)Film changing alarm: The alarm goes off two minutes before the film is exhausted, and the machine will stop running at the designated location before the film is completely exhausted. With vacuum adsorption at the film receiving platform to ensure perfect film connection.

(5)The film rolls are placed inside the chassis and isolated from the outside world to avoid poor sealing caused by dust adhering to the film surface.

(6)Servo-driven vertical sealing: adjustable servo torque, stable and low noise, ensuring the tightness of vertical sealing.

(7)Servo lattice pattern horizonal sealing: adjustable torque, stable fore and low noise, ensuring the tightness of lattice sealing. With good product quality at a high speed, low failure rate and high productivity.

(8)Modular multi-segment horizonal sealing rollers: short sealing roller, easy processing and little deformation. Independent heating and temperature control for each segment, fast heating, even heating, small deformation after heating. Each segment can be adjusted individually.

(9)Servo-driven round cutting system, adjustable speed and servo torque, with stable force and low noise.

(10)With several measuring ways: measuring cup, screw, electronic counting and liquid pump, etc. depending on the product characteristics. Independent servo motor controls the metering of each row. The filling amount is adjustable alone or automatic adjust along with the weighing machine. 316L stainless steel metering box: finishing

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