Pharmapack's ACHEMA 2024 Recap: Innovation, Engagement, and Success

We recently had the honor of participating in ACHEMA 2024, one of the most prestigious events in the pharmaceutical industry. This event is a crucial platform for showcasing the latest advancements in pharmaceutical packaging and pharmaceutical machine technologies. Our primary goal was to engage with industry leaders and introduce our advanced solutions designed to revolutionize automatic inspection and filling packing processes.

Pharmapack's ACHEMA 2024 Recap

Pharmapack's Presence at ACHEMA 2024

The atmosphere at ACHEMA 2024 was electrifying, with countless industry professionals gathering to explore the latest innovations. Pharmapack’s Booth kept drawing a steady stream of visitors eager to learn about our advancements in pharmaceutical packaging. The level of interest and engagement was incredible, with enthusiastic discussions and interactions highlighting the significance of our solutions in addressing industry challenges. The excitement and energy at our booth were palpable, showcasing the importance and relevance of our innovations.


Highlights in Our Innovative Exhibits

1. Revolutionizing Efficiency with the 360 Counting and Sorting Machine

One of the highlights of our exhibit was the 360 Counting and Sorting Machine. This pharmaceutical machine supports the online detection of various shaped products and integrates camera detection, screening, rejection, counting, and filling functions into a single compact unit. This setup not only saves space but also reduces costs significantly. It is highly effective for counting and filling pills, tablets, soft and hard capsules, and other solid preparations.


Our second-generation upgraded version features Visual AI Detection with multiple cameras added to each channel, achieving speeds of up to 100 frames per second. This allows for 360° detection and real-time online rejection of defective particles. Additionally, the machine offers Detection Data Visualization, providing real-time display of frame rate, pass rate statistics, and defect type counting.

Pharmapack‘s products

2. Advanced Packing with LFVS-01S 3 in 1 Stick Packing Machine

Another crowd favorite was the LFVS-01S 3 in 1 Stick Packing Machine. This pharmaceutical machine combines three metering methods: servo screw metering, tablet counting metering, and liquid pump metering. This design accommodates granular, powder, pellet, and liquid formulations, all while saving valuable factory space with its compact 7m³ structure.


3. Ensuring Quality with LFIM-72 Continuous Inspection Machine

At ACHEMA 2024, we also showcased our AI-driven Light Inspection and Leak Detection Machine. It features a self-developed AI deep learning algorithm capable of quickly identifying internal and external product defects such as foreign matter, fibers, impurities, dirt, and scratches. Additionally, it includes a high-voltage discharge leak detection system that accurately analyzes liquid containers with an electrolyte leakage diameter of 1μm or larger. It is widely applicable for the automatic detection and rejection of defective products in liquid formulations such as eye drops, injections, and oral liquids.

Pharmapack's ACHEMA 2024

The response from attendees was overwhelmingly positive. Visitors were impressed by the efficiency and practicality of our solutions. We received numerous testimonials and feedback from industry professionals who praised our innovative approach to pharmaceutical packaging. The live demonstrations of our machines drew significant crowds, and the hands-on experience allowed attendees to see firsthand the benefits of our technologies.


In summary, ACHEMA 2024 was a resounding success for Pharmapack. We showcased our innovative solutions, engaged with industry leaders, and received valuable feedback that will guide our future developments. Our commitment to innovation remains unwavering, and we are excited to continue pushing the boundaries of pharmaceutical machine technology.


We encourage everyone to stay connected with us for more updates and advancements. Together, we can shape the future of pharmaceutical packaging!



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