Exact Match: Automatic Modular Counter For Capsules, Tablets

Ensuring Correct Tablet Count

To meet the various needs and requirements of filling solid dosage bottles, PHARMAPACK excels in providing fully customized solutions.

How Do We Realize the Counting of Capsules&Tablets?

Capsules and pills are produced by the tens of thousands. In the pharmaceutical production line, the machine that handles the solid-dosage drug packaging is critical. That means whether capsules and pills can be packed and sent to the next assembly line.

Packaging of Solid-dosage drugs Features→Machine Working Principle→Accurate Counting

Tablet and capsule Packaging properties # 1: "Package by count"

Solid-dosage drug packaging is usually done by counting rather than by weight or volume. The demand for automatic counters continues to grow, and automatic counters are now approaching slat-filling speeds and tend to be more flexible.

Tablet and capsule Packaging properties # 2: "Small and light"

Because of the small size and lightweight of solid dose drugs, the machine can easily gain an advantage in packaging speed. But because drugs are so small, there is a need for precision. Electronic pharmaceutical tablet counters meet demands for accuracy, flexibility, speed, compact size, easy clean-ability, and quick changeover. 


Capsule and tablet Automatic Counter suitable for Mass Production

A good capsule counter machine has several attributes, flexibility, tool-free changeover, easy cleaning, and faster speed. PHARMAPACK PP-24M Automatic Modular Counter can be specified in single, dual, or quad configurations to achieve speeds of up to 400 bottles per minute (24000pcs). The flexible system handles solid doses 20-80mm in diameter and containers 40-240mm in height.


The PP-24M multi-channel electronic counter is equipped with 8 counting trays and dual filling nozzles and can count up to 24,000 pieces per minute. The PP series counters feature a programmable logic controller, a touch screen operator interface, and infrared and LED optical sensors with dust sensing windows. Sensors detect each dose on multiple planes, so data from each passing object can be analyzed. The machine collects data on the integrity of the tablet or capsule and checks for multiple doses failing at the same time. If the PP machine identifies a broken tablet, it traces the dose to the bottle and then rejects the bottle.


Large access area, tool-less removal, quick-release connectors for product contact parts, perforated stainless steel product feed tray for dust and debris collection, and dust collection ports speed cleaning and changeovers. "It usually takes about an hour to fully clean the machine," here's our estimate for the PP-24M Automatic Modular Counter.








 Tablet size

Φ3-Φ20mm; Applicable to tablets, capsules, caplets, soft gels, transparent soft capsules

 Bottle size

Dia: 20-80mm, Height: 40-240mm

 Power supply

AC220V, 50/60Hz

 Power absorption

Approx. 10.0kw

 Air pressure


 Air consumption


 Dimension (L×W×H)





·Designed specifically for pharmaceutical, fully modular design

·Small size allows integration into any packaging line

·Counting and bottling are carried out at the same time

·Holds a wide variety of containers including round, oval, square, and rectangular

·Three-grade vibratory plates with 8 channels to deliver and separate the products

·Servo drive technology and remote servicing reduced maintenance

·Product identification, quality checking, and full track and trace systems available


Pharmapack Automatic Modular Counter

When it comes to calculating solid dose products reliably, and efficiently, you can count on PHARMAPACK automatic modular counter. Advanced engineering, with a focus on performance, and durability, has resulted in a range of bottle filling systems, from compact tablets, and capsule counters to modular-based high-end counting and dynamic bottle filling systems with unprecedented throughput and efficiency. Our dynamic bottle fillers are capable of filling up to 400 bottles per minute, with performance, and guaranteed 100% counting accuracy.

Customized Solutions

To meet the various needs, and requirements of filling solid dosage bottles, PHARMAPACK excels in providing fully customized solutions. PHARMAPACK has a smart bottle packaging line. PHARMAPACK PL series bottle packaging line consists of bottle unscramble, counter, inserter, capper, sealer, labeler, booklet outserter, cartoner, case packer, pelletizer. Because of our proprietary modular design, they are particularly easy to integrate with automated electronic tablet counters, inserters, cappers, labelers, and other machines in packaging lines for pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and other products. Our strength lies in our ability to provide standardized, fully customized counting and packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical and industrial industries. Therefore, to provide the perfect solution for your product, any system can satisfy customer-specific options or modifications.

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Over the past few years, PHARMAPACK has built a reputation for reliability and innovation in its machines and services, with over years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, allowing PHARMAPACK to keep pace with increasingly demanding market demands. All your data is kept confidential. Tell us about your production challenges, what help you need, and which line of machines you need to know about. Connect with world-leading machine manufacturer PHARMAPACK. Share your production challenge, find the right technology, make things better.


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