LFU-15FC Bottle Unscrambler
LFU-15FC Bottle Unscrambler
Maximum Production Speed:150BPM (depending on the size of the product being inspected)





 Bottle Diameter

φ30~φ100 mm

 Bottle Hight

50~200 mm

 Compressed air pressure

4 -7bar

 Compressed air consumption

200 L/min

 Power supply


 Physical dimension

Approx.2160 (L)×1616(W)×1820 (H)  mm



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Manual or automatic product A into the hopper 02, and through the lifting mechanism 03 will feed the material into the bottle 05, in the main star wheel 06, sweep bottle mechanism 07, blow bottle Nozzle 08 Air Flow Joint action, to remove the star wheel mold cavity outside the surplus material;Then in the Anti-Bottle correction mechanism 09, anti-bottle rejection nozzle 10 under the action, the Anti-Bottle (the mouth of the mouth), the orderly export of the bottle face up.The operation control and parameter adjustment of the device can be operated on the touch screen 11.Electrostatic elimination Device 01 for the optional parts; electrostatic elimination device 01 channel size and the main star wheel 06 according to the condition of the material adjustment or replacement, the operation method of reference to the following "equipment composition and introduction" in the corresponding section.

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