LFSS-10 Whole Row and Second Counting Mechanism
LFSS-10 Whole Row and Second Counting Mechanism
Maximum Production Speed:60 cuts/min (depending on the size of the product being inspected)



Max. speed

60 cuts/min

Row number entry

10 rows(Customizable 2-12 rows)

Row number exit

1-3 layers,each layer≤20 sticks (as per packaging requirements)

Stick length


Stick thickness

7-12mm(custom-made as per stick thickness)

Stick height

20-45mm(custom-made as per stick width)

Air pressure

0.4-0.7Mpa  130L/min


Approx. 11kW

Power supply

AC220V-240V 50/60Hz


Approx. 3600mm(L)×2500mm(W)×2400 mm(H)


Approx. 2400Kg

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Equipment Introduction

It is mainly used in stick packaging line, installed at the outer area as per plan layout. The upstream side is connected with the 10 rows weighing machine, and the downstream side is linked with the cartoner. Its function is to carry out missing stick detection, stick diverting, second counting, layer and separating board setting.


(1)Servo diverting mechanism turns the stick into 90°, with missing stick detection and rejection function.

(2)Servo-controlled automatic replenishment system without manual intervention for missing stick.

(3)Second counting: when stick row is not matched with the carton packaging requirement or not in a multiplicative relationship, it plays a bridging role.

(4)The counting mechanism will pick out a certain amount of sticks according to the cartoning requirement.

(5)Stick layer mechanism is used to add a separating board between two layers, avoiding messy sticks in the carton.

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