LFSS-6 Weighing Machine 6 Row
LFSS-6 Weighing Machine 6 Row
Maximum Production Speed:60 cuts/min (depending on the size of the product being inspected)



Max. speed

60 cuts/min(Depend on product characteristics)

Row number

6 rows(Customizable 2-12 rows)

Track pitch

49-120mm(Customize based on the stick width)

Stick length


Filling accuracy


Power supply

AC220V 50/60Hz

Air pressure



Approx. 4.0KW


(the equipment width is related to the film width.)


Approx. 1000Kg

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Equipment Introduction

The LFSS-6 is an automatic weighing and rejecting machine for stick packaging line. It can be used together with the stick packaging machine 6 row for online high-speed weighing and packing, widely used in pharmaceutical, food, health care products, daily necessities, batteries and light industry.

Working Principle

When products pass through the weighing disc, the Hall sensor of the scale is deformed due to gravity, resulting in a change in the magnetic field and the current. The current signal is amplified and converts to D/A and then passed to the CPU, which outputs the results to the back-end for processing according to the keyboard commands and the program.


(1)The system is controlled by an industrial computer, with direct touch screen menu operation, which is convenient and intuitive to adjust parameters. Working together with the stick packaging machine, the weighing data can be sent back to the machine for automatic adjustment of the filling quantity.

(2)With German HBM micrometer sensor and overload protection. High detection accuracy of ±0.02g. Fast feedback weight data, high resolution, and fast dynamic response.

(3)The integration of manual and automatic sampling and the sampling time is adjustable freely.

(4)Single row rejection.

(5)Use computer to control the operating screen, displaying the real-time weighing data.

(6)The integration of stand-alone SCADA to meet 21CFR requirements with traceability.

(7)Anti-overshoot device: Adopting the way of front blocking and back toggling to hold the sticks forward. For the production speed of 50 cuts or more, it can prevent the unevenness caused by stick moving forward due to inertia, affecting the stick delivery.

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