LFSS-10 Re-arranging Device 10 Row
LFSS-10 Re-arranging Device 10 Row
Maximum Production Speed:50 Stokes / min (depending on the size of the product being inspected)



Max. speed

50 Stokes / min

Infeed stick qty.

10 lanes

Outfeed stick qty.

8,10x2,9,12,6  lanes , etc

Stick length


Stick thickness


Stick height


Air supply


Power consumption


Power supply


Machine dimension

3000mm(L)×2400mm(W)×2400 mm(H)

Machine weight


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The working flow chart of LFSS-10 complete transition and secondary counting mechanism is as follows:



1.Steering gear


1-Frame component

2-Servo component 

3-Turntable component 

4-Right shift component

4.1-Right cylinder shifting component

5-Missing package detection component

6-Left shifting component

6.1-Left cylinder shifting component

7-Discharge guide

3-Turntable components:A total of 8 stations, including feeding station, inspection station, reject station and discharge station, etc; Through the "2-servo component" control, precise intermittent stepping steering movement is realized.

2.Second count (follow-up shift)

The secondary counting (following material shifting) is installed in the "1-frame part" and arranged between the "3-packing station belt I" and the "5-packing station belt II"; the structure is shown in the following figure:


1-Support adjustment component

2-Follow-up servo component

3-Sliding bag chute

4-Follow-up shifting component

4.1-Cylinder shifting component

A. Through the "2-follow-up servo component", the "3-follow-up strip bag chute" and the strip bag station belt move synchronously to realize the follow-up material shifting function;

C.The number of strip packs for secondary counting (follow-up shifting) is the common multiple of the number of rows of the front strip charter and the number of rows of the subsequent cartoning machine, so as to realize the seamless connection and secondary counting functions of the front and rear equipment.

3.Complete list of materials and stick lamination mechanism

The entire list of materials and the bag stacking mechanism are installed in the "1-frame part", arranged on the right part of the equipment, and the front end is spliced with the exit part of the "5-bar bag station belt II"; the structure is shown in the following figure:

The function of intermittent and step-by-step forward conveyance of multiple rows of bags is realized under the action of the entire row mechanism and the cylinder shifting mechanism.


1-Frame component

2-List of institutions

3-Shifting cylinder component

4-Shifting component

5-The entire row of chutes

6-Laminated material shifting cylinder component

7-Laminated material component

8-Stacked component

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