3 Popular Types of Automatic Pill Counters You Should Know

With the aggravation of population aging, the number of people with chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes is increasing, bringing a skyrocketing demand for chronic disease drugs. On the other hand, the health awareness of many people is rising. For instance, they pay attention to healthcare product supplements, such as vitamin and calcium tablets, stimulating the market demand for pills and tablets. 

As the significance of pharmaceutical and food products that appear in the form of capsules or pills is recognized by the public, precision, quality, and speed in pharmaceutical packaging, have become indispensable. That’s why automatic pill counters, which can not only inspect the quality of drugs but also count pills accurately, enter the market to benefit different industries. 

3 Main Types of Automatic Pill Counters

As a leading pioneer in the pharmaceutical packaging industry, Pharmapack has long been aware of the importance of drug quality, pushing us never to stop exploring to accurately and fast count and sieve pills. Fortunately, with our continuous efforts, we innovate 3 types of tablet counting machines that obtain different technologies that are highly appraised. The following are 3 major types that are favored by people worldwide.

In-Motion Modular Counter

This tablet counting machine uses full AI technology to achieve counting on the one hand and to test the quality of drugs to ensure high quality on the other hand. Almost without human intervention, the in-motion modular counter will work automatically and efficiently by combing AI technology with other advanced systems at affordable prices. 

Modular Counter

Modular counters adopt modular designs and servo-controlled technology to realize the full use of materials while not compromising the quality of drugs. Our modular counters usually have independent electric control systems, complete servo quantitative feeding systems, three-stage vibration plates, and other systems. 

Traditional Pill Counter

Traditional pill counters use cylinder control to adjust the counting speed. For instance, when swapping different aliquots of counted plates, simply move the proximity switch to the desired aliquot, and the machine can work by itself. Although this type of capsule counter machine is not the latest model, many customers choose our products because they are very cost-effective.
In-Motion Modular Counter Product Recommendation

ALFM-32C in-motion modular counter: maximum production speed is 24,000 pcs/min.
360 filling and sorting machine: 360-degree inspection, and complete the counting, sieving, and weighing in one machine

Selling Points:

● Fully automated
 ● Multifunction machine for weighing, inspection, counting, inspection, and bottle filling
● Durable components to support long-term uses
● Accurately count every pill
● Easily identify substandard pills
● Automatically reject unqualified pills
● Reduce operating costs
● Easy to operate
● Save a lot of spaces
● Almost quiet without noise

Modular Counter Product Recommendation

LFM-24 modular counter: maximum production speed is 18,000 pcs/hr

●  LFM-08 modular counter: maximum production speed is 6,000 pcs/min

●  LFM-32 modular counter: maximum production speed is 24,000 pcs/hr

Selling Points:

● Servo control technology ensures cutting speed and precision
● All modules are designed uniquely and have separated parts
● Automatic tablet countersues
● With a minimal number of settings, the machine can be operated easily
● Constantly counting and filling pills
● Patented double gate structures to improve bottling speed
● Customized operating speed
● Accommodate with wide assortments of containers with different shapes

Traditional Pill Counter Product Recommendation

LF-16 tablet/capsule counter: maximum production speed is 16,000 pcs/min

● LF-12 tablet/capsule counter: maximum production speed is 12,000 pcs/min

● LF-08 tablet/capsule counter: maximum production speed is 8,000 pcs/min

Selling Points:

● Occupy less space
● Need less maintenance and components replacement
● All parts of the automatic counter are made of 316 stainless steel to ensure durability
● Easy cleaning with effortless disassemble
● Support long-term use
● Relatively affordable

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