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What is a Case Packer?

A case packer is a machine used in packaging systems to automate placing products into cases or boxes for distribution and storage. It is commonly employed in manufacturing and logistics to streamline the packing of goods, ensuring efficiency and consistency, which make a significant difference.

For instance, an automatic case packer machine decreases labor expenses and enhances production efficiency, leading to cost-effective operations. It enables a great case packing system that optimizes storage by enhancing product protection, contributing to a great brand image and customer satisfaction.

Different Types of Case Packer Machines

With its considerable significance, the mastery of automatic case packer machine types matters immensely.

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Horizontal Case Packer

Horizontal case packers load products into cases in a horizontal orientation.Products are typically conveyed horizontally into the case. They are well-suited for fragile or lightweight products, like pharmaceutical vials, tubes of cosmetics, etc. They can alsohandle various product shapes and sizes.

Vertical Case Packer

Vertical case packers load products into cases in a vertical position. Products are often lowered into cases from above. These case packaging machines are ideal for products with a regular shape and consistent size, such as canned foods, bottled beverages, and so on. They also attract people because of their compact design, which is suitable for limited floor space.

Robotic Case Packer

Robotic case packers use robotic arms to pick, place, and pack products into cases. They offer flexibility and precision in handling various products, which arms them with the capability to handle complex packing patterns and configurations.

Pharmapack's Case Packaging Machines

LFC-04 Horizontal Automatic Case Packer

It is an automatic case packing system that features an all-in-one design for both unpacking and packing processes, making it an ideal solution for optimizing space utilization. With a maximum speed of 4 cases per minute, it comes with a wattage of roughly 5 kW. Its adjustable hopper enables swift product replacement. At the same time, the control panel characterizes a movable touchscreen operation interface, providing user-friendly and flexible control over your modern packaging.

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ALFC-04S Automatic Case Packer

This automatic case-packer machine with a robot arm guarantees a flexible case-packing system. Moreover, the utilization of high-quality electrical components ensures stability, durability, and high safety performance. With the ability to produce 5 cases per minute, it is available to handle cases whose sizes measure 400-700mm in length, 200-400mm in width, and 170-200mm in height. Apart from its potent strengths, its visual appeal is enhanced by incorporating the aluminum profile and the organic glass.

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LFCI-04 Automatic Case Packer

If you are looking for more, this one-piece case packer might satisfy your needs with its capability to produce 15 cases each minute. It deals with cases measuring 310-480mm in length, 210-320mm in width, and 100-240mm in height. It reduces spatial occupation with the compact electrical cabinet facilitated by integrating servo drives, compact embedded transmission systems, and electronic cams. Users appreciate its features for easy operation and minimal maintenance, like the thermoplastic polyurethane timing belt, which significantly minimizes the risk of dust and residual grease.

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LFC-12 Vertical Bottle Carton Automatic Packing Machine

This innovative machine incorporates several advanced features to optimize its performance. For example, it employs a retractable device to ensure the complete and accurate opening and forming of the case. Its compact design, coupled with a separate driving system, adheres to GMP standards, preventing pollution. In addition, it further supports efficiency with its capability to easily adjust operation parameters, facilitating swift product exchanges.

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Pharmapack's Honors

If you are looking for a case packing system crafted for optimal productivity, Pharmapack is your reliable partner regarding modern packaging solutions. Some honors that prove our expertise are listed below.


Key Technology Research and Demonstration Application of Intelligent Robot Packaging Line for Bottled Drug Liquid Preparation.

Hong Kong-Guangdong Cleaner Production Partnership (Manufacturing).

Provincial Enterprise Technology Center.


The Most Promising Enterprise on the New Third Board.

Top 100 Innovative Enterprises in 2016.

Independent completion of the first high-speed desiccant feeding machine.


AAA Enterprise Credit Rating Certificate by China Association for Pharmaceutical Equipment.

Guangdong Pharmaceutical Packaging Equipment (Pharmapack) Engineering Technology Research Center by Guangdong Science and Technology Department.

Provincial Strategic Emerging Industry Cultivation Enterprise.

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