The Precision and Efficiency of Pharmapack's Powder Filling Machine

In pharmaceutical and other industries, it is of utmost importance to guarantee the precision and swiftness of powder filling procedures. Even minor deviations in fill weight can significantly affect product quality and potentially compromise consumer safety. The choice of powder filling machine plays a vital role in achieving these objectives. When it comes to fulfilling these requirements, Pharmapack's powder filling machines are distinguished by their remarkable precision and efficiency.


Whether you manufacture pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, or any other powder product, ensuring accurate fill weight is not only a matter of compliance but also a testament to the quality of a product. Additionally, achieving high output rates is essential for meeting large-scale production demands while maintaining cost-effectiveness. Our machines excel in both areas, making them the preferred choice in many industries.

Precision Dosing and Accuracy

Pharmapack's powder filling machines employ advanced technology to achieve precise fill weights. These machines utilize vacuum technology to establish a controlled environment that enables accurate measurement and powder filling. Vacuum technology guarantees that fill weights match the required amounts while minimizing the risk of dust and spillage, thereby contributing to a more precise and efficient production process.

Alongside vacuum technology, servo motors also play a crucial role in ensuring the accuracy and consistency of the filling process. These high-precision motors facilitate precise control of the filling mechanism, resulting in uniform dosing in each container or bottle. The precision of our machinery is of paramount importance to pharmaceutical companies and other industries with stringent quality control requirements.


Speed and Efficiency

In addition to precision, our machines also excel in speed and efficiency. Fast cycle times are essential for high-volume production, allowing companies to meet tight deadlines and fulfill customer demands promptly. Our powder filling machines, boasting rapid cycle times of up to 100 bottles per minute, are well-equipped to manage the substantial hourly throughputs required in the pharmaceutical industry.

The benefits of these fast cycle speeds are increased productivity and reduced operating expenses. Our powder filling machines significantly enhance efficiency by maximizing hourly output. Additionally, rapid changeovers minimize downtime during product changeovers. Ultimately, our customers can achieve higher production rates while utilizing fewer resources.

Introducing Pharmapack's Powder Filling Machines

We provide a range of advanced powder filling machines to suit various production requirements. Let's take a deeper look at the features and benefits of each model:

LFFM-0202WR Powder Filling Machine 


Detection Accuracy: The machine is equipped with a front-back double check-weighing system. It is an intermittent bottle infeed system with indexing forks to achieve the front-back static double check-weighing function. The double load cell weighing greatly reduces weight fluctuations during single filling processes, resulting in more consistent final product weights.

Production Capacity: The machine operates at a speed of 20 bottles per minute, making it an excellent choice for small to medium-sized production.

Precise Control: Use high-precision servo motors and synchronous wheels to adjust the capacity of the measuring cup by controlling the servo motor to ensure that each filling is accurate to the last gram.

Durability: This powder filling machine is made of durable 304 and 314L stainless steel, which not only complies with food GMP requirements but also ensures service life even in harsh production environments.

User-Friendly Interface: The HMI touchscreen interface simplifies operation and allows easy storage of parameter recipes. The equipment can save up to 30 sets of process parameters, making it easy for the operator to switch the required parameters without the need for secondary input.

PLC Control: This product is equipped with a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). No filling is performed with no bottle, and the machine remains in standby mode, achieving precise and reliable performance.


LFFM-0604 Powder Filling Machine 


Impressive Throughput: This machine is designed for high-volume production with an incredible speed of 60 bottles per minute.

High-Quality Components: The accessories for this powder filling machine are from well-known brands such as Panasonic, Schmersal, and Backhoff, ensuring reliability and longevity.

High Precision: When the equipment is unloading, its unloading nozzle will firmly cover the mouth of the bottle to ensure that every bit of powder is not wasted.

Advanced Features: The equipment provides online metering and filling capabilities, allowing real-time monitoring and adjustment.

GMP Compliance: This machine complies with the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) environmental requirements and meets the highest industry standards.


LFFM-1006WR Powder Filling Machine 


Robust Performance: The machine operates at 100 bottles per minute, blending speed with precision.

Sturdy Structure: The entire product is made of stainless steel, facilitating disassembly and cleaning and ensuring durability and long-term reliability.

Automatic Detection: The equipment is equipped with our self-developed patented static check weigher system, which helps maintain consistent product quality.

Quality Assurance: The front-back double check-weighing function of this equipment ensures a weighing accuracy of ±0.03g between the front and back load cells (filling accuracy depends on fill amount size and material characteristics). This achieves higher detection precision and ensures superior filling quality of the products.

PLC Control: Like other Pharmapack machines, it is equipped with PLC and HMI touch screens for precise control and reliability.


Pharmapack's powder filling machine is widely used for packaging various powder products, including small granular medicines, milk powder, veterinary medicines, condiments, pesticides, cosmetics, and more. It is worth mentioning that our powder filling machine can seamlessly integrate with our other equipment, such as bottle unscramblers, capping machines, labeling machines, and other equipment, to form an automated production line. This flexibility ensures businesses of all sizes can discover the ideal solution for their powder filling requirements.


Whether you prioritize dosing precision or seek enhanced productivity, Pharmapack's powder filling machines are a reliable choice for optimizing manufacturing processes. Our expertise in filling technology assures accuracy, efficiency, and customization, resulting in heightened productivity and profitability. Moreover, our commitment to rigorous quality control safeguards consumer safety. When consistency in powder filling matters, you can rely on Pharmapack to deliver the precision and efficiency your products warrant. Feel free to reach out to us to explore our comprehensive powder filling solutions further!


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