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The Fundamental Function of Automatic Bottle Unscrambler 

The automatic bottle unscrambler refers to a machine that sorts out and organizes containers into different groups. The bottle unscrambler often serves as one part of the production line, unscrambling a wide variety of bottles and containers for further processes, such as filling, packing and decorating. In the pharmaceutical industry, vials and oral doses are usually in different bottle sizes.  


When you are responsible for a production line with a large number of containers that must be sorted and organized rapidly, a bottle unscrambler machine proves itself integral. Pharmapack automatic bottle unscrambler is essential for the sleek bottle packaging line. Here’s an overview of bottle unscrambler technology and its benefits in application.


What Kind of Bottle Unscrambler Does Pharmapack Manufacture?

Pharmapack has a complete range of bottle unscrambler equipment that can be adapted to your production line, based on its performance, the features of the container, and the field of application. Our bottle unscrambler set includes the turntable and high-speed bottle unscrambler.


(1)Bottle Conveyor & Turntable

A bottle conveyor is a machine used to transport bottles through automated bottle packaging lines to further fill, cap, or label. Our bottle conveyors are not only sturdy and durable but also highly compatible with other equipment in the production line.


The Bottle Turntable LFUT-08/12 is suitable for automatically sorting a variety of durable and round bottles. The bottles are transported to a conveyor using centrifugal force generated by a rotating turntable during the sorting process. This turntable also acts as a buffer area to hold excess bottles.


2High-Speed Bottle Unscrambler

The LFU-40C Automatic High-Speed Bottle Unscrambler is our hot-sale bottle unscrambler machine. It’s an automatic high-speed bottle unscrambler popular among the pharmaceutical, healthcare and food industries. It is designed to reorganize and arrange the randomly placed products through the special instrument before transferring them to the following process as fast as 400 BPM (bottle per minute). 




 Max. speed

400 bottles per min.

 Bottle size range

Ø20~ Ø105 mm

Height: 45~150 mm

 Air pressure


 Air consumption

50 L/min

 Power supply



2.2 KW

 Measurement(L×W ×H)

Approx.3100×1700×1850 mm


Approx. 660 kg

The Strengths of Our Bottle Unscramblers:

What makes Pharmapack special is that we have matching packaging equipment, not just limited to a certain segment. Our professionalism is trustworthy, as we provide more than some bottle filling and counting machines, or merely limit ourselves to a few cartoner machines. Instead, Pharmapack provides you with a complete production line. We are at your service, from start to finish.

lThese machines separate and organize all types of containers into various sizes and shapes found in an unorganized hopper and send them onto parts of a production line.

lThis equipment has a wide application among multiple industries, including the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, household, chemical, and cosmetic industries.

lThey work to effectively speed production through accurate dispersal of containers, which simplifies production and lowers costs, especially in a manual bottle unscramble process.


How Can Pharmapack Unscrambler Help Your Business?

Our automatic bottle unscrambler machine manifests efficiency and flexibility. It is capable of handling multiple containers of all sizes and shapes, with no need to stop and change over. The strengths of Pharmapack Bottle Unscrambler are more than this. To allow these devices to be highly compatible, we have designed them so that they can be easily combined in the same production line, to form an automatic assembly system, thus creating convenience and productivity. In this way, each machine can benefit your business without further complicating your production line or requiring large capital expenditures.


Pharmapack has a complete smart bottle packaging line, where all of our equipment can be separated, altered, maintained and combined. You can control your production line more precisely and accurately by doing the maintenance to each unit separately without suspending your entire production line.


In conclusion, a machine that can deal with hundreds of bottles per minute with little to no error can surely increase productivity and reduce labor costs, including training time and expenditure. As a result, our equipment benefits you at all production steps.



Why Choose Pharmapack Machine As Your Unscrambler Solutions

As experts in intelligent packaging systems, Pharmapack always focuses on research and development to be able to launch new products that meet real needs in the market. As a leader in the smart pharmaceutical packaging equipment industry in Asia, Pharmapack has experienced tremendous growth with installed bases in more than 30 countries.


Bottle unscramblers (descramblers) from Pharmapack offer innovative designs to meet customers' needs who utilize a variety of bottle types. Pace Packaging bottle unscramblers and descrambler systems efficiently organize bottles during the conveying process.


The bottle unscrambling solutions are designed to create:

lImproved throughput

lMaximum efficiency

lAutomated solutions


Whether you need a full bottle packing machine or a semi-automatic loading turntable, Pharmapack has a solution to make you more productive. We will find the solution that best suits the needs of your production line.

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