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Counting and Packaging Solutions for Candy and Food 

The global food and beverages market has skyrocketed its demand to much extent in modern times, and the shifting dietary preference has contributed to a huge rise in the consumption of candy products, including gummy, sweets, and other healthcare and confectionery products. Since a variety of delicious flavors are added to candies, which results in a better taste, they are enjoyable, soft, and easy to chew.
According to data provided by Coherent Market Insights, the global candy and food market was valued at $ 68,851 million in 2018 and was estimated to surpass $144,459 million in 2027. The booming market of candies has attracted many business people to join the market, and one of the significant examples is the ever-growing number of suppliers for automatic counters and sugar pack machines.
Due to some superior merits that the automatic counter and sugar packing machine provide, such as being easy to operate, lower production cost, and the candy product being convenient to persevere and carry, they have won worldwide acclaim and become indispensable nowadays.

Why Are Counter and Stick Pack Machines Essential?

It is noticeable that an increasing number of manufacturers in this industry are focusing on high-quality candy production. In this situation, the automatic counter and stick pack machines should not only guarantee speed but also offer accuracy. Thus, the following are some main features of top-tier counters and sugar packing machines that you should know.

Automatic Operation

With simple operations such as turning on the machine and clicking the function you need, the counting machine and the sugar stick machine will start work automatically in a precise way, bringing you a convenient and satisfactory user experience.

Automatic Identify

By adopting the latest technology and high-quality sensor, the automatic packing machine successfully achieves precise sensing and packing by automatically identifying candies or food you want to package. 

Lower Production Cost 

With precise counting and automatic operation, the automatic packing machine assists in operating candy counting and packaging in bulk, thus reducing the production cost to a certain extent.

Fast Packaging Delivery

Compared with the traditional counting and packaging ways, the latest solutions provide faster speed counting and packaging. For instance, the automatic counting machine from Pharmapack realizes the maximum production speed of 6,000 pieces per minute, and the sugar packing machine achieves the maximum production speed of 75 stokes per minute, greatly increasing the speed of counting and packing.

Less Labor

The automatic counting and sugar packing machines, which have improved production output, greatly decrease the human labor needed in the production process, thus achieving less operation cost.

Less Space

It is worth mentioning that the counter and automatic packing machine from Pharmapack, a reliable candy packaging solution provider, has been optimized to have fewer tracks and become more compact with less space to occupy. 

Significant Reasons for Choosing Pharmapack Counting and Stick Packing Machines

With the significant merits mentioned above, it is time to recommend the best packaging solution provider, Pharmapack. The years of continuous efforts have witnessed our products favored by people in different countries. Among various types of counting and packing products, the following 2 machines will significantly help you increase your candy packaging experience. 

    • LFM-16C
      It is an automatic counting machine specially designed for the candy and food industry. The counter can increase the vibration speed up to 50% and improve the speed of each track up to 50% by adopting our new arrival 8-track vibrator. In addition, the multiple modular, which is independent, will satisfy different customers’ requirements, together with bringing easy-to-clean characteristics
    • LFVS-06
      It is a sugar packing machine that aims at packaging healthcare supplements, sugar, powdered tea, powdered milk, tea, and other relevant powered products. The stick packing machine can achieve automatic ratification, automatic packing, adjustable packing length, safety assurance, twice sealing, the alarm of replacing film, and other excellent packing requirements. Moreover, it is a customizable packaging machine that will fulfill your certain needs.

Why Is Pharmapack Your Trustworthy Candy Packaging Partner?

Through several years of hard work and intensive cultivation in the counting and packaging industry, we are now the leading supplier that will not disappoint you. The following are some top reasons you should choose us.

Reliable R&D Team

With our experienced and professional R&D team, we guarantee to supply the latest innovation and technical support that will delight our users. 

Advanced Technology

By adopting the industry-leading technology, our products are more stable, free of dust effect, have a longer life span, etc. 

High-Quality Products

Pharmapack has passed various certifications, including CE, UL, CSA, FDA, GMP, TGA, and other standards, by testing under a rigorous certifying process. 

Excellent Service

Providing the most perfect “turn-key” packaging solution, we can offer you the best one-stop shopping experience for candy and food packaging.

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